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Pilot 2: Pamplona and Vitoria (Spain)

Objective: To develop a general management system of electric vehicle infrastructures assuring mobility in an area of 100 Km among the cities of Vitoria and Pamplona.

It will consist on the development of value added E-energy services for the EV drivers. A double approach will be included in the pilot: urban and interurban. The services will be deployed taking into account both of them.

As the project in Spain includes two different operators in two different regions, but connected via a corridor, seems a perfect scenario to start this kind of tests which will be first steps to a complete “roaming” functionality, national and international, in an analogous way to what is currently available with mobile phones.

Also, in case of Pamplona, the existence of an e-bus allows to develop an economic and environmental impact study, in order to verify the suitability of this kind of transportation to reduce fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and noise contamination, maintaining the satisfaction level of users.

Summary table

Number of users

Type of vehicles

Charging points

Management System

Other technologies

20-30 users among both cities


Public fleets from the city councils.

E-cars, e-bikes and e-bus

Two network of charging posts managed by different companies but manufactured by the same one (INGETEAM)

Interconnectivity of systems from different companies to develop the services on top of them.

Smart-phone application or in-car technologies to offer the services to the users.


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This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community.