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Pilot 1: Bristol (United Kingdom)

Objective: Integration of commuters in the urban area, reaching a population up to 500.000 and with a high movement from locations nearby. 

In this pilot, different aspects of charging points need to be considered and integrated:

  • Old already installed ‘dumb’ charging points. These need to be upgraded to a minimum standard of intelligence to provide basic information about in use, charge consumed etc
  • Ensure specification for public charging points to be installed during 2011 (funded separately) include all the intelligence required for the project aims.
  • Ensure specification for subsidised privately owned networks (funded separately) meet the basic specification to provide info on uptake, consumption etc.
  • The municipality to ensure all publicly owned and operated charging points are separately metered and an equivalent amount of non-fossil energy is generated or purchased to cover this new demand.

Bristol will concentrate on smart applications that will run on smartphones.

Three key elements of the pilot:

  1. To develop a general management system (GMS) including software communications to interact with proprietary software provided by hardware suppliers.  
  2. To ‘port’ the public part of GMS so it can be accessed by an intelligent mobile phone.
  3. To use the driver panel to determine the key factors that persuaded them as drivers to adopt/ purchase /use electric vehicles.  

Summary table

Number of users

Type of vehicles

Charging points

Management System

Other technologies

Expected up to 100

All kinds of EV. Mainly cars.

Public fleets and private fleets will be involved.

40 by the beginning of the project.

Possible usage of wireless charging stations

Pending of public tender resolution.

Smart card technologies.

GIS tool for services based on smart-phone devices.

The contract for the provision of 20 double socket charging stations will make 40 charging locations available within the public realm by January 1st 2012.  These include charging stations at park n ride sites, city centre multistorey public car parks and at several off road neighbourhood surface car parks.



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