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Welcome to ICT 4 EVEU website!

ICT 4 EVEU is a project born with the aim of deploying an innovative set of ICT services for electric vehicles (EV) in different and complementary pilots across Europe.

The scope of the ICT services is the integration of different management systems operating on the existing EV infrastructures in the cities where the pilots will be run, so that related services are deployed making use of these interconnected infrastructures.

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ICT4EVEU is one of four pilot projects for electromobility launched and co-financed jointly by the European Union

ICT4EVEU: ICT Services for Electric Vehicle Enhancing the User Experience

ICT 4 EVEU aims at the integration of different management systems operating on existing electric vehicle infrastructures (including different types of charging poles) in Bristol (UK), Vitoria/Pamplona (ES), and Ljubljana/Maribor (SI). The project will deploy interoperable services targeting electric vehicles, public/corporate fleets and public transport systems.

MOBI.Europe: Integrated and Interoperable ICT Applications for Electro-Mobility in Europe

MOBI.Europe will test and evaluate services for real time information on the charging infrastructure, roaming between different electric mobility operators and electricity retailers, smart managing of electric vehicle charging and vehicle sharing. Pilots will be set up in Portugal, Ireland, Galicia region (ES) and Amsterdam (NL).

MOLECULES: Mobility based on eLectric Connected vehicles in Urban and interurban smart, cLean, EnvironmentS

MOLECULES will test -in Barcelona (ES), Berlin (DE) and Paris (FR)- urban and inter-urban pre-trip and on-trip planning and optimization based on the energy use and charging of electric vehicles, as well as vehicle to grid connectivity. Car-sharing schemes for electric vehicles and seamless integration with other modes of transport will also be demonstrated.

smartCEM: Smart Connected Electro Mobility

SmartCEM will apply advanced mobility services (navigation, efficient driving, trip and charging station management for electric vehicles) in Barcelona (ES), Gipuzkoa-San Sebastian (ES), Newcastle (UK) and Turin (IT). The project will develop tools for measuring, monitoring and assessing carbon emissions while supporting pan-European interoperability of the offered services.

This project is partially funded under the ICT Policy Support Programme (ICT PSP) as part of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme by the European Community.